Panther Tracks Learning Center (PTLC)

IMG_4066aPPI is enhancing worldwide biomedical research programs through effective educational and training programs at our new Panther Tracks Learning Center (PTLC). This multidisciplinary AAALAC-accredited program provides a unique learning experience in a campus-like setting for professionals involved in the study, care, training and regulation of primates.To receive more information visit our Download section.

Located on 640 acres in southwestern Florida, the only U.S. tropical savanna climate, PTLC allows professionals from many disciplines to share their knowledge and gain new insights into the care and conservation of nonhuman primates. PPI also offers hands-on education and training in applied behaviorism techniques, such as the “willing worker” concept, as well as pole-and-collar handling and enrichment strategies.

Professionals visiting PTLC can view the latest enhancements in areas such as housing, handling systems and research data collection.Equipment manufacturers are welcome to use PTLC to field test their ideas, while receiving input from our end-user trading partners world-wide. For more information on our workshops offered at PTLC, visit Primadaption and Primadaption 2.

PTLC is also a carefully maintained breeding facility, serving domestic and international lab researchers, and houses primates under contract with research and government institutions, thus helping reduce lab space problems that inflate overall costs and reduce program inefficiency. The facility also offers breeding and retirement opportunities for animals no longer required for laboratory research.

We believe Panther Tracks Learning Center offers a positive vision of the future in the care and conservation of primates throughout the world.

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