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Primate Products and GML Reach Strategic Agreement

Primate Products and GML Reach Strategic Agreement
Immokalee, FL – Aug. 2011

As its first step into the global preclinical research and life sciences industries, Groupe Mon Loisir (GML), through its subsidiary Cynologics, Ltd., has reached a strategic agreement with Primate Products, Inc. (PPI). “The agreement brings an entirely new environment for the delivery of research support services to pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations” said Gérald de Senneville, CEO of Cynologics, in a joint statement with the CEO of GML, Arnaud Lagesse, when the agreement was reached.

“Our clients will enjoy complete control over their animal model development, supply and use. Each client will have a personal, direct relationship with each phase involved and be able to structure the program to accommodate their comfort with risk and best suit their specific needs” added Paul Houghton, CEO of PPI.

Both companies have been aggressively expanding their capabilities in anticipation of the
strategic agreement. In addition to expanding its holding and breeding capabilities, PPI has added staffing to increase surgical model development, human and animal training capabilities and expanded support services. Cynologics, in Mauritius, has purchased an existing breeding facility and is currently building a new facility on separate locations as well as increasing stock availability for export. Together, the two companies are exploring the development of a reproductive toxicology center to be located at PPI’s Panther Tracks Learning Center Campus located near Naples, FL. The center will feature EU compliant housing systems and a radically different approach to the constitution of study groups of animals in a manner that will reduce costs for clients while speeding up the study process.