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Featured Products

  • Apartment Module with Conversion Floor

    A popular modification of our Apartment Module, the Conversion Floors allow for the removal of the metabolism pan to allow for vertical movement between the top and bottom compartments.

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  • Activity Module

    Our full-height enclosure Activity Modules provide a neutral play cage and a mezzanine area that provides more floor space.  They allow for more natural vertical movements, as well as horizontal movements.

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  • Apartment Module

    Our comfortable and secure Apartment Modules incorporate an “over-under” unit design with numerous features to ensure durability and ease of use.

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  • Enhanced Environment Housing System

    Our Enhanced Environmental Housing Systems ensure safety, security, accessibility, efficiency, operational flexibility and attention to the animal’s psychological well-being.  Our modular systems are designed to foster the social housing of primates in accordance with the USDA/APHIS regulations under the Animal Welfare Act and USPHS policy.

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