• Panther Tracks Learning Center (PTLC)

  • Live Animal Division (LAD)

  • Genetic Testing Services


  • Enhanced Environment Housing System
    Enhanced Environment Housing System

    Our Enhanced Environmental Housing Systems ensure safety, security, accessibility, efficiency, operational flexibility and attention to the animal's psychological well-being.  Our modular systems are designed to foster the social housing of primates in accordance with the USDA/APHIS regulations under the Animal Welfare Act and USPHS policy.

  • B00023DLFG.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg
    Macaque Restrainer

    If you have to restrain the animals under your care, you will not find a better quality or more thoughtfully conceived means to care for the animal and your support staff.

  • Aluminum Collars
    Aluminum Collars

    Aluminum Collars provide a standardized method for handling nonhuman primates.

News and Events

  • Update from Primate Products, Inc.

    By Thomas J. Rowell In recent months, the media has been focused on two events surrounding Primate Products Inc. (PPI) operation in Southwest Florida, which were both initiated by animal activists.  A recent article in Bloomberg Business Week does an excellent job in providing an overview (Bloomberg).  More specifically, one event involved a Hendry County […] More

  • Hendry County Florida: An Ideal Environment for Nonhuman Primates

    Hendry County, located in Southwest Florida, has made news headlines in the last few weeks highlighting the construction of primate facilities in the county. Although Primate Products, Inc. (PPI) has been established in the area for over 15 years these new efforts have gained more than their share of attention from animal activists, both local and from outside the State of Florida More

  • Donald A. Bradford, We Wish You Well!

    It is always bittersweet when a friend and colleague reaches retirement. On one hand, you are sad that what was, will not be, going forward. On the other, you are happy and excited for your friend who will be starting a new chapter with perhaps a new adventure or two with their remaining years. More