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  • Enhanced Environment Housing System
    Enhanced Environment Housing System

    Our Enhanced Environmental Housing Systems ensure safety, security, accessibility, efficiency, operational flexibility and attention to the animal's psychological well-being.  Our modular systems are designed to foster the social housing of primates in accordance with the USDA/APHIS regulations under the Animal Welfare Act and USPHS policy.

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    Macaque Restrainer

    If you have to restrain the animals under your care, you will not find a better quality or more thoughtfully conceived means to care for the animal and your support staff.

  • Aluminum Collars
    Aluminum Collars

    Aluminum Collars provide a standardized method for handling nonhuman primates.

News and Events

  • 15 Sep
    Primadaption Workshop, 2nd to 7th November 2014

    Primadaption is a training and enrichment concept based on the idea that traditional methods of training and enrichment for captive NHP are not always compatible with the resources available at many facilities, and therefore, it is necessary to tweak those methods to achieve the desired results within the set means. More

  • 13 Aug
    New Article co-authored by Primate Products, Inc. in Volume 155 of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology

    New Article co-authored by Primate Products, Inc. in Volume 155 of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology: A genetic comparison of two alleged subspecies of Philippine cynomolgus macaques. Click here to download a copy. Contact Primate Products, Inc. for any question. More

  • 22 Oct
    November Primadaption Workshop

    Seating is still available for the November Primadaption workshop. This highly interactive workshop provides the knowledge and skill training necessary to take your primate training program to the next level. For more information go to the following website. http://actstraining.com/workshops/ We look forward to seeing you in November. More

enos Software

Software dedicated to your laboratory animal facilities, providing unique and powerful customized data query, reporting and inventory capabilities. Developed by Brain & Software International Inc., distributed exclusively by Primate Products Inc. in North America.

enos software
  • Animal health record
  • Animal management medical event
  • Blood draw multi-event
  • GLP validation
  • Purchase order
  • Query builder and value lists