Baboon Restrainer

Baboon Restrainer


If you have to restrain the animals under your care, you will not find a better quality or more thoughtfully conceived means to care for the animal and your support staff.

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Product Description

Our time-tested Restrainer Systems are designed specifically for nonhuman primates and incorporate state-of-the-art features for trouble-free accessibility and maximum animal comfort.  Primates perch in a natural position, hunched slightly forward with the yoke at a 30-degree down angle.

Our systems easily adjust to accommodate the physical characteristics (anthropometrics) and needs of individual animals.  They feature an open-air design that allows wasy access to all parts of the body.

With the standard Baboon Restrainer, the technician is on one knee so that he/she doesn’t lean over the animal, causing stress.

The “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals” calls for the use of restraint devices to be specifically designed systems suitable in size and operation to prevent injury and discomfort to animals or personnel. The “Guide” also cites the need for animals placed in restraint devices to be given training to adapt to the equipment.

The base, frame, and all joints are constructed out of anodized aluminum.

Includes Quick Latch, Part #1R-AC10

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