Restrainer Accessories

  • Feeder Cups

    Feeder Cups

    The Feeder Cup Flange slides into the yoke to provide animal with easy access to feed.

  • Head Restrainer

    Head Restrainer

    The Head Restrainer was developed for studies requiring animals to remain orientated for attention.

  • Metablism Pan

    Metablism Pan

    The Metabolism Pan collects and separates animal urine and feces while the animals are restrained.

  • Metabolism Pan Riser

    Metabolism Pan Riser

    The Metabolism Pan Riser is an adjustable shelf design to lift the Metabolism Pan directly under the perch assembly when collecting urine and feces.

  • Neck Plate

    Neck Plate

    This accessory shields the primate’s neck and head areas from its hands or feet.



  • Quick Latch

    Quick Latch

    This latch enables lab personnel to quickly secure and release the primate in the restrainer.

  • Stainless Steel Caster

    Stainless Steel Caster

    This kit includes stainless steel casters and adapter plates to retrofit existing restrainers with nonstainless steel casters.  All casters come with brakes and swivels.

  • Waist Plate

    Waist Plate

    Waist Plates deny access to either lower quadrant and prevent the animal from reaching across and removing in-dwelling catheters.

  • Water Lixit Assembly

    Water Lixit Assembly

    Connects to your facilities automatic watering system to provide water ad libitum for your primates.