Live Animal Division (LAD)

Researchers around the world rely on PPI’s Live Animal Division as a reliable, cost-effective source for nonhuman primates.  PPI’s worldwide clients enjoy numerous benefits, including:

Contract Quarantine Availability.  PPI’s quarantine program is accredited by AAALAC International and has been approved by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  It includes PHS-CDC required quarantine of animals obtained from the clients’ own supply sources.

Long-Term Holding. PPI can house, feed and care for research animals to help clients reduce their space needs for animals not currently involved in research studies.

Breeding Programs. PPI has extensive outdoor breeding capabilities to assist clients who desire an assured future supply.

Pole-and-Collar Training. Clients can elect to have PPI’s experienced professionals acclimate research primates to pole-and-collar handling techniques prior to delivery.

Pre-Delivery Health Screening.  PPI will collect and send blood and/or tissue samples to client-designated laboratories to screen animals for disease or other health conditions prior to delivery.

Behavioral Consulting. PPI offers clients onsite training for various behavioral needs including but not limited to hands-on Operant Conditioning animal training, environmental enhancement program evaluations, social housing assistance, and addressing abnormal behaviors.

Additionally, the LAD offers:

Purpose bred Macaca mulatta  – of Chinese or Indian origin,

Purpose bred Macaca fascicularis – Learn more about recent insights of evolutionary history.