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Our full-height enclosure Activity Modules provide a neutral play cage and a mezzanine area that provides more floor space.  They allow for more natural vertical movements, as well as horizontal movements.

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Product Description

The Activity Modules is a single, full-height enclosure. It provides volume and allows the nonhuman primates to make natural vertical movements as well as horizontal movements.

The module has four acrylic transfer doors that line up with transfer doors on the Apartment Modules. Opening the transfer doors on adjoining modules allows the care staff to set up a neutral play cage for exercise, or to increase the available space (volume) for long-term social housing.

Introduction/Grooming Doors are also available to control varying degrees of contact between animals. If compatibility is problem, simple close the transfer doors to isolate the incompatible animals.

The Activity Module has an aluminum mezzanine, which provides an elevated resting site for the animal.

The mesh cage top has been reinforced to safely hang Prima-Hedrons and other enrichment devices for your animals swing and play on.

A large tempered glass observation door provides a clear view of their environment.

The Activity Module is available in three sizes: 6.0 ft2, 9.0 ft2, and 11.0 ft2 of floor space. Popular cage options include:

  • Automatic Watering System
  • Flush System
  • Introduction/Grooming Doors
  • View Ports
  • Forage Feeders
  • Ladder

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