Enhanced Environment Housing System

Enhanced Environment Housing System

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Our Enhanced Environmental Housing Systems ensure safety, security, accessibility, efficiency, operational flexibility and attention to the animal’s psychological well-being.  Our modular systems are designed to foster the social housing of primates in accordance with the USDA/APHIS regulations under the Animal Welfare Act and USPHS policy.

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Product Description

The Erwin-Steffes Enhanced Environmental Housing System was designed to house nonhuman primates in laboratories and other settings where safety, security, accessibility, efficiency, operational flexibility, and attention to psychosocial well-being are essential.  The system permits and fosters social housing of primates in accordance with the USDA and European regulations under the Animal Welfare Act and the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals.

The housing system consists of two modular components.  The first module, the Apartment Module, contains two compartments, one above the other.  The second module, the Activity Module, is a single full-height enclosure.

The housing system allows institutions to mix and match the modules in various configurations.  By opening the transfer doors of several adjoining modules, you create group housing for the nonhuman primates in what is essentially a complex room.  However, every individual in the group is easily isolated and accessed simply by closing the appropriate transfer doors.

The modular system provides the flexibility to reconfigure your housing system as your primate colony or housing needs change.  Cage modifications are provided to customize the housing system to better meet your facilities requirements.

The modules are available in three sizes: 6.0 ft2, 9.0 ft2, and 11.0 ft2 of floor space.  Popular cage options include:

  • Automatic Watering System
  • Flush System
  • Introduction/Grooming Doors
  • View Ports
  • Forage Feeders


Safety Door

The side-sliding door was designed to accommodate safe pole and collar handling system by locking open at multiple increments.  This safety feature provides easy access to the animal with the capture pole and prevents aggressive animals from escaping during pole and collar training sessions.  Additionally, the entire front door is hinged, so it swings open to provide greater internal access. The mesh grid on the cage front is 7/8” square openings to prevent employees from animal bites and scratches.

Transfer Doors

The four acrylic transfer doors expand linear floor space to facilitate social housing and increase complexity inside the enclosure.

Squeeze-Back Mechanism

Trigger latch allows one-handed operation of the squeeze back mechanism.  The mechanism locks in place at one-inch intervals throughout its full movement range.


Feeder cups have hinged lids that snap closed to reduce feed wastage.  Each feeder has an acrylic feed observation window to quickly monitor feed consumption.

Docking System

The modules lock in place by resting on two front legs via a patent protected retractable docking system.  The two rear casters are fixed, to secure the back of the modules, while the transfer doors are opened.  Four swivel casters with a side-locking device are offered an option.

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