Handling Equipment

  • Tallboy Macaque Restrainer

    Our time-tested Restrainer Systems are designed specifically for nonhuman primates and incorporate state-of-the-art features for trouble-free accessibility and maximum animal comfort.

  • Traditional Glove

    PPI offers two lines of handling gloves to provide your personnel with the best protection against bites and scratches. Traditional Glove: The glove is bourbon brown, premium domestic, side split cowhide.

  • Transfer Box

    Transfer Box

    The Stainless Steel Transfer Box works well with or without the Transfer Lift to help lab personnel move animals.

  • Transfer Lift

    Transfer Lift

    Our counter-balance Transfer Lift is ergonomically designed to provide assistance to lab personnel who move animals between transfer boxes and cages.

  • Transfer Lift Adapter for Prima-Carrier

    Transfer Lift Adapter for Prima-Carrier

    The optional Lift Adapter allows the Transfer Lift to use the Prima-Carrier.

  • Waist Plate

    Waist Plate

    Waist Plates deny access to either lower quadrant and prevent the animal from reaching across and removing in-dwelling catheters.

  • Water Lixit Assembly

    Water Lixit Assembly

    Connects to your facilities automatic watering system to provide water ad libitum for your primates.