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Fall 2012 Primadaption Workshops

“Training and Enrichment that is constantly evolving to meet the realistic needs of non-human primates in laboratory settings.”



What is Primadaption?

Primadaption is a training and enrichment concept based on the idea that traditional or formal methods of training and enrichment for captive NHP are not always compatible with the resources that are available at many facilities, and therefore, it is necessary to tweak those methods so that it is possible to achieve the desired results within the set means. The ultimate goal is to create a realistic program that has room to change and grow, but is capable of being easily instituted at the specified facility.

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  • Sept.10-Sept.13 (arrival Sept. 9, departure Sept. 14)
  • Oct. 15-Oct. 18 (arrival Oct. 14, departure Oct. 19)


  • Panther Tracks Learning Center (Immokalee, FL)


  • $1450 if paid in full  by Aug. 6th for September workshop, or by Sept. 10th, for October workshop
  • $1650 if paid after Aug. 6th for September workshop, or after Sept. 10th for October workshop
  • Cost includes: tuition, materials, 5-night hotel stay, transportation while in FL (not flight), and all meals except on Sunday arrival.


CEUs for AALAS Certification Registry?

  • After completion of the workshop, all participants will have earned 24.0 CEUs.  


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What will the workshop entail?

  1. “Enrichment” Section
    • EE programs, Purposeful Enrichment
    • Addressing Behavioral Issues
  2. “Training” Section
    • Developing “Willing Workers”
    • Hands-on Training with “Naïve” and “Previously Trained” NHPs
  3. “Taking this Back to the Workplace” Section
    • Obtaining “Buy-in”, SWOT
    • Communication with Regulators
    • Adapting to the New Guide


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Instructors May Include:

  • Stefanie L. Nelsen (PPI)
  • Dr. William Singleton (ACTS)
  • Paul Houghton (PPI)
  • Dr. Joe Erwin
  • Don Bradford (PPI)
  • Laura Klekar (ACTS)
  • Dr. Mike Stonerook  (PPI)


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For More Information:

Please contact:

Stefanie L. Nelsen
PPI Behaviorist
(239)867-2042 (Office)